Hi, I'm Stan and welcome. If you need a website or want to freshen up your online presence then I can help. I've been designing and developing websites since the first browser came out in 1993.

I create websites that are clean, attractive and informative. Think of when you visit a website... you are looking for information and you want to know whoever is behind those pages is someone you feel you can trust. That's my focus.

With a comprehensive background in business and technology I can help you target your audience and encourage visitors to explore your website.

The Single Page Website

Price (plus VAT) includes everything from custom design, coding, private SSL, DNS (domain management) and hosting. NO hidden costs.

Single Page Websites are
sweeping the web!

They are less expensive to create and maintain but more than that single page websites are proving to be just as effective as multiple page websites.

Small businesses, local services, trades, online CV's and even artisans do well with single page websites.

I provide custom single page websites and handle everything from your domain to SEO along with a private SSL certificate for one low price of just €200.00 plus VAT... and that includes one year of hosting.

Need more than one page?

I offer the same all inclusive features and free hosting for multiple page websites as well. See More Choices below...

Simply Brilliant!

  • Fully Managed
  • Contact form
  • Private SSL certificate
  • Completely custom coded
  • Search Engine Optimised
  • Full Browser compliancy
  • Use your own domain
  • FREE 1 year hosting
  • Two day turnaround
  • NO hidden costs
  • NO Wordpress
  • NO Templates

Everything you need
for one low price...

€200 + VAT

Perfect for any event!


  • Births
  • Family Events
  • School Events
  • Graduations
  • Impressive CVs
  • Weddings
  • New Business Openings
  • Special Sales
  • Create Your Own Blog
  • Share Your Vacation
  • Birthdays
  • Community Events
  • Holiday Parties
  • Sports Events
  • Retirements
  • Never been a better time...

    The Single Page solution

    An effective website
    Easy on your budget

    For just €200 I'll create a custom Single Page Website for your approval, maintain it, get you online and host it for a full year. I'll even include your own private SSL certificate. That's it! No contract. No monthly fees and no hidden costs.

    You'll also have access to our exclusive easy to use CMS panel that will allow you to edit your content at any time.

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    A single page makes sense!

    If you service your community this is the perfect solution

    For Bakers, Builders, Gardeners, Electricians, Plumbers, Salons, Home Care, Personal Trainers, Caterers... any services you offer in your community...

    There is simply no better way to reach the people you help than a local website and our Single Page solution is perfect for you. Not only is it affordable but it's also likely to show up on the first page of a Google search because it's local.A single page website rich with content will encourage contacts for your services. I design it, build it, host it and maintain it for one low fee of just €200 plus VAT.

    It's the best and most cost effective online representation your business you can have.

    More Choices...

    The Blogger's Site

    The blogger's site is a three page website. It feautres the blogger's articles as the home page which also has an index to archived articles, an About page to feature the author and purpose of the website and a contact page.

    The author can add, delete, hide or index articles. Articles can be edited with text, images and font highlights as well as set the limits for pagenation.

    Complete, customised and hosted for one year...

    €250 + VAT

    Multi-page Websites

    If you need more than a strong single page website I am happy to create a multiple page website to suit your needs. Using multiple pages can be useful to emphasise products, services and events.

    A Bed & Breakfast may want to showcase each of their rooms... in fact, multi page websites are excellent for displaying portfolios of crafts, art, photography, woodworking and even travel.

    Multiple page websites can take up to 4 or 5 days to create.

    €400 + VAT

    The Merchant's Site

    While I offer basic e-commerce using PayPal at no additional cost I can also offer a more sophisticated shopping experience for your visitors as well as tighter control over your sales, inventory and customer invoicing.

    Our proprietory shopping cart offers unlimited products on a multi-page website. It can work through PayPal or your own merchant account.

    The cart manager lets you enter, delete, suspend and edit products with vendor inventory controls.

    €450 + VAT

    Custom designed for you!

    The websites I create are custom and hand coded just for you. No templates are used to ensure you have a unique website.

    I build to strict standards based on current technology and each website is secured with an SSL certificate. I don't use Wordpress for good reasons ( See why? ...).

    The perfect gift!

    Know someone in need of a good website?

    Well, here's the perfect gift for...

  • Starting a new home business
  • Needing a professional web presence
  • Looking for a job with an impressive CV
  • Announcing a wedding or birth
  • Sharing a holiday adventure with friends
  • Graduating from school or University
  • A special community or sports event
  • Just needing a fresh look online
  • How it works...

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    It looks like you are on a mobile device. You can book your website by using the contact form at the bottom of this page -or- I'd invite you to visit this website on a desktop computer where you will see a booking form.

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    Need answers?

    What does a "Managed Website" mean?

    Once your website is up and running I will be happy to change images or text on your website while it is hosted with us.

    This does not include any major changes to the structure (design) of you website.

    Is my website EU compliant?


    If your website uses cookies for any reason I make sure there is an EU compliant notice presented when a visitor lands on your website.

    Can I have my own domain name?


    Finding a good domain name is not easy now but I can help acquire one to represent you. Many of the new extensions are being blacklisted because too many scammers are using them.

    I don't charge to help you find a domain name but you'll have to purchase it on your own. Typically they'll cost around €13 per year.

    I do not sell domain names and have no reseller connections to any domain registrars. Once you have your domain I will manage the DNS for you at no extra cost.

    What is DNS anyway?

    DNS, or Domain Name Servers are a series of world wide servers that translate a domain name into a complex number (IP Address) that computers respond to. Every domain name has DNS records that point to the specific server your website is hosted on. DNS records also deal with email and other complex issues.

    Managing DNS can be tricky so I just do it for you... nothing you have to worry about. I do not charge for this.

    Why should I have an SSL certificate?

    SSL certificates allow your website to communicate with secure encryption originally intended for ecommerce websites taking sensitive information such as credit cards. Now, most websites use SSL to help against hacking and protect data.

    If you have your own domain name I provide you with your own private SSL certificate at no extra cost... otherwise your website is protected with our group SSL certificate. Your private certificate is good for the entire first year of free hosting. After that your certificate is €5 per year.

    How is SEO applied to my website?

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a mythology all by itself. The idea is to get your website rated high in search engines, most notably Google.

    Your single page website has all the standard features to optimise it for search engines whether it appeals to a local market or a global one.

    I need several pages... can you help?


    I offer multiple page websites at unbeatable pricing and they are all inclusive of hosting and managed content just like our single page website.

    For complete details take a look at Other Choices on this page!

    Do I get an email account?

    The short answer is no...

    However, if you have your own domain name I can assist you in setting up a GMail account using your domain name.

    Email servers are notoriously complex with high maintenance overhead so I, like most developers suggest you use a service whose sole business is email.

    How and when do I pay?

    A €65 payment is due on or before your scheduled development date with the remainder due once the site is online which should be no more than 48 hours later.

    Payment can be made by direct bank transfers, your PayPal account or with any credit or debit card through PayPal (no PayPal account required).

    How much will it cost after one year?

    Your single page website is hosted free for one year. If you choose to continue hosting with us the cost is €7.00 per month.

    If you want it managed as well the price is €12.00 per month.

    OK, really, what are the "extra" costs?

    Seriously... there aren't any!

    What do I need to do?

    To get a custom designed website created and hosted in less than 48 hours requires a good and timely collaboration between you and I and I'm here to help.

    Prior to your scheduled development time you should have any text, images and design ideas that suit your taste ready to hand over for us to work with.

    Can I edit my site once it's done?


    You will have access to our proprietary CMS (Content Management System) that will allow you to change content such as images and text.

    All changes conform to standard code so you can host your website anywhere should you want to.

    Why don't you use Wordpress?

    Wordpress is one of the most misunderstood frameworks. It was created for Blogging, not websites. Since it was free people found they could build a small website with it.

    Why not Wordpress... it is more expensive to build and maintain, database dependent, has an ancient architecture, is insecure and subject to hacking and suffers from an inexperienced developer pool. Nothing beats a custom website.

    Can I host my website anywhere?


    Your single page website is coded to standards so it is fully transferable to any hosting service. If you choose to move I'll hand you a zipped folder with your entire website so you can upload it to your new hosting service.

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