Eco friendly products for birds

Handmade from solid wood and
protected with natural beeswax

Each one of our bird feeders are created from solid wood and protected with natural beeswax.

The seed feeders have durable slide up perspex panels for easy cleaning and the top slides on the steel cable for filling. The perch is perfect for small birds while discouraging crows, doves and pigeons. Both the wide and tall versions are suitable for all seeds, including mixed, mealworm and even small seeds such as niger.

Why these are better feeders...

Designed for Small Birds

Our feeders are made to discourage larger birds such as doves, pigeons and crows by placing a narrow perch closer to the feeding hole making it more suitable for small birds.

Two Point Suspension

Using braided galvanised steel rope allows the roof to slide up for filling but it also provides two points of suspension for stability in windy conditions.

All Natural Construction

Kiln dried wood is used in construction with non-toxic wood glue. Each feeder has natural beeswax applied by hand for years of weather protection.

Cleaning is a breeze

The front and back panels for the seed feeders and the nut feeders slide out providing easy access for cleaning.

Four Great Designs

Our Seed Feeders

The seed feeder comes in both a wide version and a narrow version yet they each hold equal quantities of seed and are suitable for a variety of seeds from Niger to insects.

The Nut Feeder

The nut feeder has 3.4mm screening on both front and back. This prevents a bird taking a whole nut which they can choke on. It also makes it easy for the bird to hang onto the feeder.

Suet Block Feeder

The suet block feeder is an attractive addition to any garden and has all the great features of our original seed feeder. The top slides up making it easy to drop in a suet block.

Suet Ball Feeder

The suet ball feeder has the same two point suspension as our other feeders for greater stability. The roof helps keep the balls from drying out in the sun.

Where to Purchase...

Newbawn Wild Bird Feed

Newbawn is one of Ireland's best resources for supporting birds. They offer a full range of products including wild bird seed, nuts, insects and larvae as well as feeders.

Click on the 'Shop at Newbawn' button for direct access to our feeders... or you can use the contact form at the bottom of the page to reach us directly.

Coming Soon!

A full line of nesting boxes

Nesting boxes for small birds require different entrance holes for specific birds. We are in the process of creating a selection of boxes to accommodate most birds. They will be wall or tree mountable.

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